LawMakers Unfairly Single Out Gold Dredging
Thursday, 31 December 2009

Given that SB 670 focus on determining “possible” environmental impacts beyond de minimis or negligible impacts of small scale suction dredging in California waterways.

Because the state of California licenses sports & commercial fishing state wide, as well as through various agencies licenses water diversion, impoundment, use for hydroelectric power production, agricultural irrigation, industrial use, & municipal use (including sewage treatment), etc.

As well as licenses all motorized boat registration, obviously used in, and effecting all state waterways.

For the purposes of equity, similar EIR’s would also have be performed on all state licensed uses of water.

If otherwise, there is no legitimate graph, or scale to compare impacts of any individual water use, against any other individual use, or all water uses combined.

SB 670 was passed as an “urgency” measure, causing immediate implementation, revoking all existing permits, and banning suction dredging until such time as the EIR is complete, and if necessary, any changes in DF&G regulations are made.

In effect, SB 670 sets a clear cut regulatory precedent, governing all state licensed use of water, and every other in-water use that could cause adverse environmental impact.

To be equitable, California would need to immediately revoke all such water use licenses, until such time as EIR’s are completed, and any regulations governing such use are updated to reflect those individual EIR’s.

YA RIGHT…………………….. California turned off the tap on suction dredging permits
Now, turn off all the licensing taps on all other water uses in California.

There reason I point this out is that a single focus stand alone study of one infinitesimally small aspect of water use, such as suction dredging alone in California. Will without doubt, point out some degree of adverse impact (no doubt “negligible”). Which, at first glance may appear scientific, and unbiased, but are not, unless all other water uses are judged equally, by the same exact standards.

Otherwise, there is nothing credible to compare impacts of suction dredging against.

Standing alone, suction dredging adverse impacts might appear significant to a laymen.
Yet, in comparison to all other adverse water use impacts.
The effects of suction dredging is so infinitesimally small.
It’s effect is comparable to a single snow flake,…………………………….....
Compared to all annual winter snowfall combined throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains.



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