Its not about the salmon
Sunday, 22 November 2009
sierraslim writes:

Let’s make sure we understand right from the start that this fight with the Karuk tribe is not about the salmon but about control over the river. The Fish and Game and the dept of Forestry have already agreed that dredging does not cause problems with the salmon runs in fact it helps. There is a specific season for dredging and dredging can only be done during this period of time. The salmon do not run during the dredging season and therefore creates no threat for the salmon. In fact dredging helps the salmon because it loosens up the hard packed sand and gravel and provides a better spawn. Remember, one good rain storm causes more damage in a river than year’s worth of dredging and the salmon and trout seem to do just fine.
The action by the Karuk tribe is pure and simple an attack on the rights of Americans to use our rivers for pleasure and profit. The Karuk’s actions have hurt many people and will continue to hurt many more. Many of the miners gain their livelihood from dredging and this livelihood has been taken away for no reason other than an Indian tribe trying to gain control over a public river. Let this be a warning to others. The communities along the Klamath River need and depend on the business that the miners bring to the area. Motels, restaurants, stores and other small shops will most likely close because of this attack by the Karuk tribe. I understand that the majority of the Karuk tribe, the people not the leadership, do not agree with what the leaders are doing but don’t have a say in the matter. Make sure you understand this is not an issue about salmon or safety but about control of the river. An environmental study was already completed in 1995 that said there were no significant problems caused by dredging. The next group to be attacked will be those who use the river to float such as rafters and kayakers.
It appears to me that the governor and other politicians many of whom receive money for their campaigns from the Karuk tribe did not seem to care about what was right I wonder why? It seems to me they are more afraid of losing money for reelection than doing what is right, but then what’s new.
What should have occurred is simple, if the Karuk tribe really felt there was a real threat for the salmon then they should have supported another environmental study. If that study proved there was a problem then action could be taken but not before there was any evidence.
What the governor did was idiotic he found the dredgers guilty with no evidence and took away a right every American has, and that is to make a living and provide for their family. Pressure should be brought against the Karuk tribe for their continued actions against the miners, that’s right this isn’t their first attack against the miners. Don’t forget every legal action they have brought against the miners thus far has failed because they don’t have a real case. Don’t buy the lie.

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