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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Environmentalists have it WRONG about domestic mining.

For instance, consider AGRICULTURE for a moment.

Reality is, agriculture in America has deforested more land than even the American logging industry. It has destroyed more habitant for animal species than any other industry in the world. Agriculture has caused more species extinction, than any other industry world wide.

Agriculture has caused more soil erosion, created more turbidly in America’s waterways, and introduced more degrading, or toxic pollutants of all sorts into the American environment, than any other American industry. Agriculture is the primary cause of more environmental degradation to the surface of whole planet, than any other industry, on the planet.

Do you know why major environmental groups do not promote well publicized frontal attacks the agricultural industry in America? Because it provides every citizen in America, with the food they eat, at a competitive price.

As such, the people of America, would not knowingly support attacks on the very industry that FEEDS THEM. A dramatic decline in national food production, or a significant increase in food cost, is NOT something the American public would stand for. To promote attacks on American agriculture would be political suicide.

Agriculture is very effectively supported, and promoted by our government, with all sorts of low cost loans, multiple federal & state subsidies, large tax incentives & significant tax breaks. Agriculture is so important to our society, it has its own large well funded division of federal government, the Department of Agriculture.

Alternatively, domestic mining provides this nation with every mineral the nations complete infrastructure, national security, and economy is built from, and totally dependent on. Without a consistent competitively priced source of domestic minerals, America could not even maintain its modern infrastructure, or economy.

Without mining, modern agriculture could not even exist. Resulting in a downward spiral of American agriculture, to the point Americans, and America as a whole, would no longer be able to feed itself. The eventual end result being dramatically increasing poverty, and near starvation in America.

All things derived from domestic mining have a direct effect on every aspect of American life. Yet American peaple, and politicians will support attacks the American mining industry.

Why is that?

It is short sighted, and foolish for the American government not to support domestic mining, the same way it supports domestic agriculture. Plainly, one could not exist without the other. The American economy, in every way, is dependent on domestic mining.

Why is it, there is no Federal Department of Domestic Mining? With publicity, support, funding, and clout equal to the Department of Agriculture. Every large modern industrialized nation in the world, has an equivalent, to a Federal Department of Domestic Mining, except America. It is simply illogical, America has no such thing to insure America can provide for its fundamental mineral necessities.

Certainly, the environment of America, is of great concern. However, even at a 3rd grade schooling level. Common sense mandates, there must be a balance of environmental concern, with an equal concern, that America provide itself with the basic fundamental necessities, derived from mining, to maintain itself. Otherwise, Americas infrastructure, economy, and position as a world power will decline at a steeply accelerating rate.

Please publicly support domestic mining in America.
Not only today, but for the sake of all future generations of Americans.
Please help this great Nation, by informing politicians of these vital concerns.



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