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Monday, 21 December 2009

Reality here is federal law is crystal clear. We should win this hands down.


For that matter, other than SB 670, California constitutional, and property law is also clear.
And, again makes our position a winner hands down.


The inherent difficulty in all this is.


Foremost, the coalition against us painted a picture to the public that is UTTERLY FALSE
And, did a very good job of broadcasting propaganda against us.


The coalition against us outright lied to the public & CA legislature time & time again.




1. LIE: Small scale suction dredge gold mining is RECREATIONAL

TRUTH: If you own a valid unpatented mining claim, it is a federally protected private property right.


2. LIE: Small scale suction dredge gold mining pollutes the waterways.

TRUTH: Suction dredge intake nothing more than what it already there & puts it right back minus heavy metals. It creates far less turbidity than other waterway uses combined, less than a local rain storm, less than high water spring runoff.


3. LIE: Small scale suction dredging disperses toxic mercury.

TRUTH: Reality, it removes 98% of any mercury it encounters.


4. LIE: Suction dredging kills fish eggs & fish

TRUTH: suction dredging is not permitted when/where fish eggs are present. So, it cannot harm, or kill them. There has never been one proven instance, where suction dredging killed fish. Except, where environmentalist intentionally entrained tiny fish in suction dredges to kill them, to prove their point. When, in fact in a natural setting fish are fast & mobile, and move away from the intake of a suction dredge.


5. LIE: Suction dredging harms salmon runs.

TRUTH: Suction dredging is so isolated, dispersed over a large area, seasonal & so short in duration, it could have no possible harm to salmon runs. It is funny to note, that salmon fishermen, who kill thousands of salmon don’t think they themselves harm salmon species.


6. LIE: Suction dredgers encampments pollute & destroy local habitats.

THRUTH: The average suction dredge miners are very strong stewards of the environment, who clean up after themselves. There are so few suction dredge operations (less than 4000 in California), when compared to all other public uses (camping, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting, etc) those 7 or more million recreational type users create 99.999999% more degradation to local environments, than suction dredgers do.


7. LIE: Suction dredgers do not contribute to the local or state economy.

TRUTH: Suction dredgers contribute near 100 million dollars to local economies annually.


8 LIE: Suction dredgers have no more rights than the general public.

TRUTH: On a valid mining claim, dredgers have a private property right, to mine what they own. Other recreational use is a “privilege” that is not protected by law, as is our private property rights


9. LIE: Suction dredging is not well regulated in California.

TRUTH: pre-SB 670 suction dredge regulations are perfectly in tune, to protect fish & the environment. They were built around both federal NEPA & CA CEQA studies, to protect the environment. They are more stringent, and better enforced than current California camping, hunting, and sport fishing regulations are. Millions of California hunters, and fishermen often violate hunting & fishing regulations. By numbers alone ( less than 4000 suction dredgers ), the other 7 million public domain users violate applicable hunting, fishing & environmental laws far more often, and have a far higher cumulative effect than suction dredging could possibly have.


10. LIE: suction dredging is a major cause of water & environmental pollution in California.

TRUTH: Reality is, suction dredging effects are so few, so small, so isolated, so temporary, so well regulated that its individual, or cumulative effects are equivalent to one tiny drop of water, in a huge ocean of other actual proven environmental pollution factors ( agricultural, municipal, industrial, grazing, logging, sewage, hydroelectric power production, etc) that the cumulative effects of small, scale suction dredge gold mining in California is clearly de minimus, legally negligible, and of no noteworthy environmental consequence.


There are hundreds of other lies about small scale suction dredging, each of which I can soundly refute. But, those lies listed above are the major ones. They are the ones that environmentalist zealots, Indian tribes & other SB 670 proponents sadly got the public to believe.


REALITY: I would wager neither the Governor of California, none of the California legislature, including Senator Wiggins herself have ever seen, witnessed, nor were ever present where & when small scale suction dredge gold mining operations went on.


NO MATTER: SB 670 proponents did such a good job pulling the wool over the legislature, and publics eyes. They were all fools enough to believe all the false propaganda that SB 670 proponents shoveled on them.


It is a manifest shame that well organized political propaganda can cover the whole California legislature with false information, the likes of which reek like a hundred ton pile of foul streaming urine soaked cow manure, right on the state capitals very steps, for all the world to see. Which, the governor, the political leaders & the whole of the legislature were somehow persuaded to believe, smells like fragrant rose petals.


That is how obvious the LIES those politicians believed are to anyone knowledgeable about the true facts of the matter.


The difficulty we face, in turning that around is large. What compounds that difficulty is that since the Governor, and legislature themselves were made fools of by SB 670 proponents. They are not likely to willing admit the crucial mistakes they made, and the malfeasance they committed here. As, doing so would be a public admission of how gullible they are, how easy they can be manipulated into passing law that is clearly unconstitutional, illegal, and effects massive takings of vested private property, and associated rights from thousands they victimized.


All that is utterly repugnant to every word of the oath of office they took to protect, and defend the civil liberties, rights, freedoms, and private property protections, this great nations laws are famous for protecting.


For shame. As now, these politicians throw the full might of the state attorney generals office, and its staff, at considerable taxpayer expense in an attempt to defend, what is constitutionally indefensible. As if, they believe, this manifest injustice they perpetrated is defensible. In doing so, they only add insult to injury.


I am only one man. What I have done is try to let the truth be known, so that others can use it to overturn all the lies spread about small scale suction dredge gold mining. In the hopes TRUTH will prevail. I have sent stacks of letters to all those responsible, in an attempt to turn this around, with simple truth.


If others would do the same, it would benefit the cause. As, I alone cannot right the wrong here, that effects us all. It would be of great help, rather than argue the semantics, or hopeless nature of the cause. To do the same, as I have. As many voices speak louder than one. We need all the help we can get here, from every possible source. Otherwise, this battle may be lost.


I beg all of you to pitch in. Rather than argue about your plight. Make your voice heard, to those who caused SB 670 to become law. As those lawmakers are the only ones, besides a court, who can rectify the wrong, they themselves created.



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