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Thursday, 19 November 2009

By Dave I.

04/07/2009 6:05PM

We who dredge our rivers need the help of all those who want to protect the right of mining
here in California

“The Enumeration in the constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” : this is the 9th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

This means that the rights identified as written are not the only rights we as a people have. This also means that those making laws in government do not restrict their view of our rights as only those written in the constitution. This gives the responsibility to the legislature in making law, to first evaluate the necessity for the law, that it does not take away these other rights of the people. We have identified these other rights as “FREEDOM” . The freedom of the people is in-fact protected by our constitution.
Sb670 is written to stop river dredging, when in fact river dredging has held and still holds the respect of people as a right and legal method of the miner to retrieve the valuable metal from the river bottom. For the legislature to stop this activity with out evidence of damage to the river eco-system is a false cause to protect the environment. It does not justify such restriction of the peoples right to dredge our river bottoms.
This is an attack on the rights of the people based on false cause and a clear disrespect by certain people in our State legislature who falsely represent their constituents and their obligation to defend the constitutional rights of the people. Please help by standing up to those that would destroy our freedom, and tell your state representative of your objection to SB 670, and to vote against this threat to our freedom.







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