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Written by ScottC   
Sunday, 28 June 2009

My position on California Senate Bill 670 (Which proposes to close Suction Dredging in all CA waterways), is that the propsed bill assumes there is impact based on opinion. Even with the existing scientific evidence, the EIR from the early 1990's and many other scientific papers. We can only hope that our law makers become educated with the facts, and uphold the existing regulations.

If this law does pass, it will prevent miners from taking gold directly from stream beds, which will force miners to focus on sluicing banks and gravel bars, increasing the amount of unwashed dirt and gravel injected into the streams, making them much more muddy than suction dredging would.

In fact I believe that if the DFG removed many of the seasonal suction dredging restrictions in most rivers and streams, it would not noticably impact fish habitate in a negative way. The reason for the exisiting season restrictions for suction dredging is pure opinion by DFG Bioligists as a measure of just in case.

In fact I believe suction dredging has a positive impact on fish habitate in more than one way. It provides additional food to them as well as clean gravel to spawn. As for false opinion that mercury is reintroduced into water after it passes through a dredge is not true, it's chemical properties do not work that way.


If there is a real interest in bringing back fish populations in rivers and streams then the focus needs to be on what the real things causing their decrease, such as


1. Hebicides and Pesticides being injected into the California waterways from known and unknown sources.


2. Fishing, the act of hunting and killing fish for food or profit. This is not rocket science, just special interest and big business supported.


3. Dams, prevent winter high water from cleaning river and stream gravels so fish can spawn on them. Dams are needed for the protection of people, but that does not mean our government couldn't find a way to clean some of the gravel each year for fish spawning. In fact I have heard rumors our government hires suction dredgers to clean gravels to improve fish spawning habitate.

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