Treasure Hunting at its Best, The Odyssey, A Real Life Marine Exploration Treasure Hunting Vessel
Sunday, 01 February 2009

ImageRecently, the show "Treasure Quest" has been televised showing the travels and research of the Odyssey. Using a type of sonar to map large areas of the ocean floor, then analyzing the maps and determining areas of interest for investigation. Then using an unmanned hi-tech remote control submarine named Zeus, attached to the ship with a fiber optic, is sent down to the potential shipwreck site. Sending back hi resolution video of the site and equipt with a robotic arm, has the ability to retrieve items for identification.


Shipwreck exploration is conducted under strict archaeological and scientific guidelines, supervised internally by project archaeologists and sometimes externally by archaeologists and other accredited scientists.


They have done an excellent job on their website offering much information about the Odyessy and the process they go throught in locating and retrieving shipwrecks, and even offer authentic treasure forsale.

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