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Written by ScottC   
Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Most of the mining I did this summer was spent dredging in a small creek in Northern California. The creek is a small year around creek, just enough water to run a 4 inch dredge. The bedrock is mostly shallow, with a few small deep holes scattered here and there.

I have mainly been dredging the shallow bedrock until I came across gravel that was hard packed clay but not quite conglomerate. My dredging slowed way down trying to break this stuff up and get it through the nozzle. Even a large bar proved to be a challenge breaking this hardpack up.

It was time to purchase Keene's accessory HI VOLUME PRESSURE OUTLET that plugs into the output of the pump and provides a nice stream of water to break up that hardpack clay. And it worked great, the hardpack clay is no longer a problem.

Soon I discovered this thing works great for blasting out those hard to get at cracks and crevises, and has dramatically improved my productivity.



The above kit comes with the pictured Y shaped fitting that threads right onto the pump output, and provides less resistance for a high preassure water stream.

To obtain one of these you can call Keene at 1-800-392-4653 and just ask to purchase a HI VOLUME PRESSURE OUTLET for the dredge size you have. You will not regret it.

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