How to Stake a Mining Claim
Sunday, 11 November 2007


After attending a one week GPAA MotherLode trip, I learned how to file a placer claim from Smokey the Geologist, who did a great job in teaching all of us on the trip how to properly file a mining claim.

Since then I have filed 2 placer claims, and am actively working them with a dredge.

Thought I would post these links to help you get started on filing your own mining claim.


Quick OverView Procedure for Filing a mining claim.


1. Check with BLM for land status. BLM will tell you if the land (Federal or BLM Land) is open for claiming. It's called land status. I actually went to my local BLM office to determine land status. Checking the land status will also tell you if the land already claimed by someone else.


2. Stake your discovery monument at the point of discovery.


3. Fillout a Placer Claim Notice, (sample form link below.) and file it with BLM and the County Recorders Office in the County where the claim will be located. There are fees for filing with the County and the BLM.


Links to resources on how to stake a mining claim


Locating a Mining Claim/Site on


Placer Claim Notice


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