61 lb Nugget - The Largest Gold Nugget on Public Display
Written by ScottC   
Friday, 26 October 2007


On a recent trip to Las Vegas I took the above picture. When my plane landed the first thing on my mind was to visit the Nugget Casino to view the Hand of Faith nugget, an awesome site.

After checking into the Madalay Bay, I took a cab downtown to the Nugget. This being my first visit to Vegas, I was surprised the taxi ride cost me 24 dollars, but well worth it.

The Hand of Faith actually mounted behind thick glass on a pedestal that rotates, which allows you to view both the front and side.

Just imagine finding this treasure with a metal detector. The Hand of Faith was discovered just so, only six inches below the surface standing in a vertical position, on October of 1980. Weighing 875 troy ounces (roughly 61 pounds and 11 ounces), the Hand of Faith was uncovered from Wedderburn, Victoria, Australia.


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