Snipping for Gold Part 3 of 3 part Series
Written by ScottC   
Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Advanced Gold Snipping Techniques.


In this article I will discuss some advanced snipping techniques that will help you improve your chances of finding more gold. Also I will tell you about a secret technique I use to improve gold recovery when snipping and dredging. This technique is easy to use and will improve gold recovery in many circumstances.

1. When snipping for gold, the main idea is to make visual contact with the gold before you retrieve it. This may sound odd, but you cannot always see the gold. What I mean here is, alot of times the gold is in dark nooks and crannys on or in the bedrock, difficult to see even if the sun is shining on the area of bedrock you are working.


An underwater flashlight will allow you to see more gold wedged in the nooks and crannys of the bedrock. I have used a waterproof flashlight for years, and I can tell you without a doubt it has increased my goldfinds by at least 50%, especially when I'm working an area where the trees are shaded the creek or river. And even if the sun is shining, some of the crevises are deep and narrow and it are hard to see down to the bottom of them. With my trusty underwater flashlight I'm able to see easily to the bottom of the crevises.

2. Digging deep. All too often people don't dig deep enough in the cracks and crevises to find gold. You must dig to the bottom of the crevise in order to find good gold. I cannot tell you how many times I have worked a crevise and gave up before I reached the bottom, only to come back at a later date and work it to the bottom and find decent gold.


3. Learning to follow the gold. I highly recommend you pay attention to following the gold while snipping. The gold usually runs in streaks, and can produce nicely when you have reached the head of the paystreak. The heavier gold is usually at the top of the pay streak.




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