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Written by ScottC   
Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Gold Snipping Part 2



In this article I will cover some advanced techniques in snipping for gold and when, and why you would want to snipe. Also, I will offer some secret techniques from my many years of snipping.


I'll start with when and why you want to snipe for gold.


First of all snipping for gold is easy and requires very little equipment. It's an easy way to quickly check for gold in an area. If you suspect the creek or river you are prospecting has been dredged then snipe the shallow bedrock, and you will find much gold they missed.


I call this waters edge gold, which is usually missed by the dredges and the old time high bankers, too shallow for the dredgers and too low for the high bankers. So many times I have snipped out a nice pay streak along waters edge. In fact I'm working a decent one now, with an ounce of gold so far in 5 outings.


I like to map out the coordinates of the pay streak by snipping then I follow the streak where ever it goes.



A good pair of Gloves is so important for protecting your hand from the sharp rocks and cold water. Without them you will wear your fingers to the bone.


I also recommend a hoe with the handle cut short to help you move the overburden quickly, and get down to the bedrock where most of the gold is.


Scuba mask vs scope:

I use both a scuba mask and a scope, switching back and forth dependng on how deep and swift the water that I'm working is. The scuba mask is equipt with stick on reading lenses for close up viewing. For those requiring reading glasses these are the next best thing. You can buy them at WalGreens for about 10 dollars. Optx 20/20 .


End Part 2


Next weeks article will cover techniques for effectively working the bedrock. Also, I will be giving out my number one secret to snipping in Part 3 so don't miss it. You will never guess what it is. And it has been the key reason for my success in snipping for gold.



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