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Written by ScottC   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Introduction: Snipping for gold is a simple technique of gold retrieval using a Scuba mask or some sort of underwater viewer or scope that enables you to see underwater. The idea is to view the shallow bedrock underwater to work the cracks and crevises.


Dredging for gold is sort of a form of snipping, except the dredge is moving the gravel for you, When snipping the traditional way, one would move the gravel manually by hand or shovel in the shallow water, then viewing and fanning the crevises with your hand.


Tools Used for Snipping:


Viewers: There are 2 types of tools to view gold underwater, number one is the use of a Scuba Mask. Which work very well and have certain advantages and disadvantages.


The second tool used for viewing gold underwater is a scope. Usually made of plastic pipe with a handle and clear plastic end. Much like this one.



Gold Retrieval Tools Used for Snipping:


Bulb Snipper: Once you have located some gold underwater while snipping, you now need to retrieve it. Most people use a tool called a snipper, other names are gold sniffer etc..., There are a couple of types of snippers on the market, one I use is the bulb snipper, looks something like a turkey baister, except the tube extends up inside the bulb so the gold does not fallout after sniffing it up.


Tube Snipper: The Tube Snipper is another tool used to retrieve the gold underwater. This device takes 2 hands to operate, by pulling a handle which is attached to a strait rod, the rod extends into a small diameter pipe with a piston that has a form of ORing, that creates a suction on a small tube, pulling the gold up into the pipe.


Tweezers: Large tweezers are great for picking up the larger pieces of gold and are reasonably priced at any Gold Mining Supply store.


Fingers: Of course your fingers, to pick up the larger nuggets. Have your bottle near by and ready to drop them in.


Digging Tools:

Shovel or Hoe with the handle cut short.

Small Pry Bar

Screw Driver, flat edge.


Other Items:

WetSuit and Wesuit boots


Knee Pads


Summary: Snipping for gold can be very rewarding, some of my best finds came from snipping in shallow water. As more and more areas are closed to dredging, people will be forced to snipe for gold.


Next Week Part 2

Part 2: Snipping Techniques


2 Weeks

Part 3: Advanced Snipping Techniques


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