Nugget that looks like the number one

This 3 dwt (74 Grains) nugget is a recent find from the Sacramento California Mother Lode, found in the Grass Valley area. This nugget was not found with a Gold Detector, it was found with a viewing scope, and found after one fan with my hand underwater, sitting in a crevice with no other gold with it. Image

While Gold Detecting up the edges of a creek in the Mother Lode, I spotted a nice crevice about 1 foot under water that had been recently dredged. Instead of dipping my detector coil underwater like I usually do, I set my detector down and grabbed my snipping scope to take a quick look just to see if the dredgers worked the underwater crevices thouroughly. And to my supprise they missed this one nugget.

The surounding bedrock area had been dredged clean except the one nugget. I can only speculate how this one nice looking nugget was missed by the dredgers.

Most likely the water was muddy and the person dredging could not see to the bottom, and the small dredge just could not suck this nugget up the nozzle.

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