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Written by ScottC   
Saturday, 21 April 2007

Finding a crevice is easy, to find gold in a crevise and extracting it can be a difficult task.


If you are skilled enough to find a crevise that has gold in it, extracting the gold can present a challenge.


Having the right tools are key in efficiently extracting the gold from any gold producing crevice.


Here is a list of tools that will assist you in effectively removing gold from crevices.


1. Of course a Shovel for the larger crevices.

2. Hand trowel.

3. Small stiff bristle whisk broom is a definate plus.

4. Gold Metal Detector.

5. Sniping Scope, for the underwater crevices.

6. 5 Gallon bucket for washing down the crevice, some crevices that flow down into the water are perfect for this method.

7. Crowbar and screwdriver to pry the bedrock or losen the wedged rocks in the crevice.



Crevicing Technique:

Some people like to plow right into a crevice, stiring things up and working as much materiel as possible.


Yes that method will work, but you will lose important information about which part of the crevice is holding the most gold, and how the crevice is holding the gold.


These 2 peices of information I consider very important if you want to following the gold. Learn as much as you can about where the gold is coming from in the crevice. An example would be, is the gold wedged in which part of the crevice, or is the gold just laying on top of the bedrock, or both.


I like to see how the gold is laying in the crevice, ontop of the bedrock, wedged, or even in the topsoil within the crevice.


Using a gold detector can help you zero in quickly on the larger nuggets in the crevice, then using the whisk broom and screwdriver to reveal where and how the gold is positioned in the crack or crevice.


Importance of seeing where and how the gold is positioned.


Seeing how and where the gold is positioned in the crevice can give you hints about which direction the gold came from, so you can increase your chances of following the paystreak. And this is improtant because you will find more gold.


Remember "Follow the gold" where the gold goes, you go.



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