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Written by ScottC   
Thursday, 12 April 2007

First Gold detecting outing of 2007 produced one decent nugget with potential PayStreak.


A four hour drive from Sacramento through Redding to my claim in Trinity County California. Stayed in Redding for the night and met up with Ken in the morning for the drive up to he claim. Arrived on site at 10:30am suited up and at creek side by 10:45am.


The weather was good, no rain or clouds in site. Armed with a Minelab GP3500 and Eureka Gold detectors, we proceeded up the creek detecting along the way. Stopping to dig signals hear and there and recovering only nails and bullets for most of the day.


Stopped off to detect one high bank workings, which produced several nails and one bullet.


Continuing up stream detecting creek side, it was getting late toward the end of the day, when we decided to commit to digging one target at waters edge, with a large root to chop out to get to the bottom of the crevice.


After removing the root to expose the bottom in the crevice, I used the Eureka Gold detector to reconfirm the target, which was about 12 inches under water. Submurging the detector coil underwater and passing it over the target definately confirmed the target was a non-ferris metal.


Grabbing my snipping scope, and fanning the crevise revealed the 22 grain nugget shown below.


For those of you that don't know what a grain is, it's a Troy weight measurement, there are 24 grains in one penny weight and 20 penny weights in one Troy Ounce. And 12 Ounces in one pound.


22 Grain Nugget
22 Grain Nugget


After retrieving the nugget, I realized it was getting late and had to leave, without finishing the crevice.


Summary: Since I know this creek pretty well, I can confidently say this one nugget is a good indicator there is a pay streak there. The next outing will prove that out by detecting and sampling in all directions using the detectors and sniping scope.



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