GPAA Mother lode outing 2006 Week One

Hello everyone, I have just returned from one week on the GPAA Mother lode outing at Pine Log near Italian Bar. It was my first GPAA outing, and I will say it was a great learning experience. Even knowledgable gold miners will learn something.


There are 3 one week of outings, I signed up for the first week and was assigned to the upper 6 inch dredge. The other operations were one 5 inch dredge and two 6 inch dredges and a high banker. I heard that week 2 will have additional 4 inch dredge.

Education: What I learned.

1. What it takes to setup and operate a Keene 6 inch dredge.

2. How to move large boulders with winches.

3. How to follow a pay streak.

4. Classes were held each evening by a geologist and schooled us on how gold is formed to how to properly file a mining claim, and much more.

Meeting people:

Meeting people with like interests in the hobby of gold mining was definately a highlight of the outing. Lots of great gold stoires were pasted around.

Tom and Perry Massie visited the last day of the outing and barbequed steaks for everyone.

Panning and creavasing after hours:

Panning, creavasing and sniping are allowed before 8am and after 5pm. All gold found between 8am to 5pm is community gold.

I definately enjoyed the after hours panning, the photo below is what Ken and I found during after hours panning and creavasing.


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