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Written by ScottC   
Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Finding a gold pay streak takes skill, hard work and a little bit of luck. But what do you do after you find one?

I was fortunate that an old timer taught me everything he knows about how to follow a pay streak, sniffing it out with your gold seeking nose.

I would not have picked up on the methodology of "following the gold" without my mentor teaching me and showing me how it's done.

It was not long before I picked up this advanced gold mining technique. We began competing each day to see who could find the most gold by the end of the day. Of course my mentor (Dexter) would always win the contest, with usually 2 to 4 penny weights, but I was usually close to what he found.

Now, more about following the gold.

When you find some gold, sluicing, panning, snipping or detecting you have found a pay streak. Ask yourself, what is the shape and size of this pay streak, does it run with the same direction as the creek, or does it run perpendicular or diagonal with the creek? Most of the time it will run the same direction as the creek.

Then ask, are you in the middle of the streak, or the top end or lower end, or even the edge.

How big is the streak?, try to discover the extents of the streak, by sampling in all directions from your original sample spot. What most people don't know is the pay streak can jump, hop up or down the creek, even move to the right or left.

Just because you don't continue to find gold in the original sample hole, does not mean the streak is done. If you have tested the sample hole in all directions with no luck, try moving up or down stream 2 or 3 or more feet to take samples.

Many times I have followed a nice pay streak 40 to 60 feet and found the head of the streak, where the heavier gold is. And on a few occasions the head of the pay streak turned out to be a bank eroding into the creek. Ended up working the bank with a sluce box with great success.






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