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Written by ScottC   
Sunday, 16 April 2006

Prospecting for a new hotspot or paystreak can be difficult and time consuming.

For me, most of the places I prospect have been dredged right up the middle of the stream, and the old timers have worked the high banks. Some people would say a place like this has been worked out and the gold is almost all gone.

In many cases that may be true, but I beg to differ with that opinion.

Waters edge gold is often good and missed by the dredgers and high bank miners. Prospecting with the detector at waters edge is producing nicely for the areas I prospect. With my wetsuit on, ready to get in the water to snipe the shallow underwater crevices is working very nicely. Image

The gold nugget to the right is a nice 4 pwt piece I picked up using the above technique detecting at waters edge, locating the target with the detector, then sniping them out.

This nugget, called the Garfield nugget, was found at waters edge in 2 inches of water in a very well hidden crevice. It was one of my old secret spots that I thought I had completely cleaned out sniping. I pride myself as being a talented and thorough miner, but missed this nugget and a few others. I can remember having lunch many times, standing right on top of this nugget and not knowing it.

It was the gold detector that found this nugget, even with all my years of experience prospecting and mining out paystreaks, I could not find this nice piece of gold without a detector.





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