Learning to Gold Detect
Written by ScottC   
Saturday, 15 April 2006

Gold detecting for nuggets is not as easy as it sounds. There is a learning curve associated with finding gold nuggets with a gold detector.

On the 2nd outing with my new Eureka Minelab detector, I found the nugget pictured to the right. A 1.5 pwt nugget found in a small seasonal creek. The nugget was found in a small shallow crevas 3 inches deep, an easy dig for sure.

We should all be so lucky on the 2nd outing. For the next few outings I found myself digging more junk than gold. I thought what am I doing wrong. Then I thought if I'm finding junk, then I should find gold too.

Persistence and proper site selection paid off.

But I must admit, I learn something new everytime I go out. And always strive to learn my detector and improve my digging techniques.

Knowing your detector is very important, that's why I practice on my back porch often, using junk and gold targets learning the different sounds settings of the detector .

Digging with a small hand pick has improved my digging speed 10 fold. And I use a super magnet to help speed up weeding out the junk.

Entering the world of gold detecting for the first time comes with a small learning curve. This curve is different for each person depending on your commitment to learn your detector and proper digging techniques.

And persistence is the key ingredient.



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